We are entirely focused on the development of renewable projects, including solar, wind, biogas, biomass, as well as hydrogen and its derivatives – such as green ammonia, green methanol, green SAF, etc.

Our team has vast experience in the energy and related infrastructure sector both for internal development and client projects. We are interested in tailor-made cooperation models and partnerships, so please feel free to reach out for collaboration ideas beyond the outlined services.

Electricity production: PV, wind and hybrid projects

PurpleGreen takes solar, wind, and hybrid projects from conceptualization, approvals, and design through construction to operations. We are currently developing solar and wind projects totalling over 1 GW and are looking for partners, investors, and financiers. Collaboration in the early stages is a fundamental factor for success, so we are always open for co-op discussions whether it is a seriously sculptured or a new-born concept idea.

New generation fuels: hydrogen and its derivatives

We are in the process of developing hydrogen (H2) and its derivative projects with green electricity consumption exceeding 2 GW.
As the development of H2 and its derivatives requires boosting the full value chain – green electricity production and trading, logistics, storage, off-takes, etc. – cooperation is more important than ever, so we are constantly looking for partners, investors, and financiers.

Technical design and project approvals

Having a strong internal technical team in place means we can offer design as a service. If you develop solar, wind, hydrogen or other energy projects and want to outsource design and approval services, we are happy to take this on.

Land rent or purchase

PurpleGreen has seen success in its project development mainly due to finding partners and landowners willing to explore opportunities in renewable energy projects. If you own land, we are interested in considering renting it for an attractive price and developing an energy project on it. We also consider acquiring land if the location and project-related aspects support a business case.

Construction management for energy projects

If you are involved in the development of solar, wind, hydrogen, or other energy projects and are looking to outsource construction management, we are happy to provide this service.

PPA structuring and energy trade

Securing tomorrow’s energy costs in a rapidly changing market, both in the short and the long term, is crucial. Whether you’re seeking a short-term agreement for buying or selling electricity or long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), we have our trading company to assist you in this. Our aim is to provide full-range trading services including short-term or long-term PPA-type agreements for the sale or purchase of hydrogen and its derivatives. PurpleGreen is here for your green power trades.

Investment management

For investors looking for opportunities in electricity generation or hydrogen projects, we offer a range of investment opportunities, both short-term and long-term. Long-term investments are dedicated to the construction and operational stages of the projects and generally geared towards larger-scale investors. Short-term investments are dedicated to the development, design, and engineering stages of the projects and usually cater to smaller and medium-sized investors.
We are also open to discussing investments in a portfolio-based scenario, encompassing full production starting from electricity generation and extending to the production of hydrogen or more valuable products.

Consulting in sustainability and ESG

If you are looking to decrease your carbon footprint, we are here to help. PurpleGreen has the capability to assess your current situation, analyze the regulatory framework of your industry, address social responsibility concerns, formulate a strategy, and guide its implementation, covering technical, financial, and investment aspects.

Communities and non-profit organizations

We are interested in early-stage ideas and solutions from organizations working to solve some of the greatest challenges, whether they are technological or social in nature. We would gladly co-op with non-profit organizations or communities looking to develop renewable projects and deliver benefits across all segments. For cooperation, get in touch and we will start with a simple, straightforward discussion.



Aksedo SIA, 40003794593
Republikas laukums 2A, Rīga, LV-1010
+371 29666600
[email protected]



Aksedo SIA, 40003794593
Republikas laukums 2A, Rīga, LV-1010
+371 29666600
[email protected]

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A substitution for fossil fuels that the world will not be imaginable without

The implementation of alternative sustainable fuels into everyday life will change the perception of infrastructure and transportation, also helping to reach carbon neutral goals together. PurpleGreen has thought about every part of this cycle.


The fundamentally necessary infrastructure to PurpleGreen value chain

Power grid network transmits the electricity produced by PurpleGreen projects:
A) For production of Hydrogen (H2);
B) Into batteries for storage;
C) For end use (households, production facilities, public infrastructure, transportation).


Works like a regular battery, but with much more power to it

With the implementation of batteries, grid network balancing and electricity trading is provided by PurpleGreen, expanding the range of our services.


Hydrogen (H2) in combination with Nitrogen (N2) produces Ammonia (NH3)

Ammonia (NH3) is used for end use (alternative fuel, production of fertilizers). Ammonia (NH3) can be transported through EU H2 pipeline or cargo ship for further destinations, as well as transported with cargo trucks to nearest H2 stations.


From electrolysis process Hydrogen (H2) is produced

We use agricultural land plots for installing solar and wind farms. Land plots left out are used for agricultural purposes. With PurpleGreen projects, landowners and farmers get paid for land lease as well as harvested products.

Produced electricity is:
A) transmitted to grid network;
B) stored in to batteries, later transmitted to grid network;
C) in combination with added water used for electrolysis process.


From electrolysis process Hydrogen (H2) is produced

Hydrogen (H2) can be transported through EU H2 pipeline or Provaris H2 cargo ship for further destinations, as well as transported with cargo trucks to nearest H2 stations.